Coffe with me?

I love meeting new people and making new friends. Even if I dont have time to hang out with everyone I try to keep in touch with #some Want to follow me or contact me? Join me at instagram anehagen_com and on Facebook - @anehagenpublic I also use twitter from time to time - @anehagen and from the fall I promise to get more on blab again! Or even have some webinars on english! I dont promise anything, but I will try :D

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Looking for love?

In my company Kongruent, we match single people the old way. We look at personalities, automatic reaction patterns and dreams and hopes for the lfe to come. We also have a membership for people that dont want to hire us to find the right person, but would like for us to quality check and see that the person is who she/he pretends to be online. Contact me for more info about that.

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Better body & mind?

When I discovered Synergy a couple of years a go I was amazed by the resolts the products had on peoples health. Spesially theire mental health. One year a go I started using the products my self, and I have been addicted since. In a good way. My mental health is better then it has ever been and my life is now the way I want it to be.

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